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            Thermostatic valve features

            Update Time :2013-04-16The view :1160

            Bath thermostatic valve characteristics:

            1 easy to install, simply connect the hot and cold water, then automatically transfer constant temperature water.

            2 adjustable temperature, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

            3 cold or hot water pipe when the water suddenly stop automatically, prevent scald, catch a cold.

            4 cold, hot water pressure, water temperature changes, can instantly adjust automatic compensation always set the temperature of the water outflow.

            The 5 is internally provided with a one-way valve, can prevent the hot and cold water suddenly on.

            Radiator thermostatic valve characteristics:

            1 thermostatic valve thermostat design small, delicate, soft and smooth, curve, setting clear display, can be easily with a variety of thermostatic radiator valve link, accurate, efficient implementation of the radiator temperature control system.

            2 constant temperature valve design, valve resistance is small, the circulation of strong, suitable for water heating system in our country, which can be used for single, double pipe system and the traditional vertical series system.

            (1) the body made by forging process, gorgeous appearance;

            (2) according to the fluid mechanics characteristic design, excellent flow regulating performance;

            (3) the seal is connected with the connection of the radiator, no leakage;

            (4) special flow coefficient and flow coefficient of the valve body design, can be customized according to customer requirements.

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