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            The principle of the constant temperature valve

            Update Time :2013-04-16The view :1015

            Bath thermostatic valve

            A high sensitive memory alloy spiral heat detector in the constant temperature water, influent flow probe temperature sensing its elongation or contraction of direct control of hot and cold water so that the water temperature reaches the set temperature is always (25 - 55). Bath process if there were hot and cold water pipe water when, can instantly stop automatically, prevent scald and cold; cold and hot water inlet is provided with a check valve is arranged to effectively prevent the cold water each string and cold water back to the solar water heater caused water heater with water.

            Radiator thermostatic valve

            Heat exchanger, through the control of air conditioning units or other heat, cooling device, a heat (cold) medium entrance flow, in order to control the equipment outlet temperature. When the load changes, the adjustment of the flow by changing the valve opening, to eliminate the impact of load fluctuation, the temperature back to the set value.

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